turning the page

A chapter in our little life has ended.

Today, I returned the keys to our very first apartment (our only apartment). So amazing to think that one year ago tomorrow, Joshua and I went down to the office and signed the lease and did our apartment walk-through. I remember feeling jittery and a little guilty, being in an apartment alone with him. Now, as of today, that door is officially closed and we are no longer the [restless] owners of said apartment. It’s over.

I remember a year ago this Shabbat, filling our tiny, empty living room with small children and a picnic blanket, listening to Joshua’s teaching on the week’s portion (B’reisheet in Hebrew, “In the beginning” in English, the first few chapters of Genesis), holding little Sophia on my lap and feeding her soft food. Now, as of tonight, we’ll be filling our new home with two houseguests all the way from Canada – such a big step, and we are so thrilled and blessed to be able to easily accommodate them.

I remember puzzlepiecing all our furniture and stuff into that apartment, and I love that our house has so much extra space. Things feel so much more usable.

I remember all the people we entertained and the parties we had – I remember being amazed that we fit over twenty people in that apartment for a party one time. Last month, we were able to host the morning prayer service on the holiest day of the year, with twenty-something people seated, auditorium-style.

I’m glad to be done with the apartment, in so many ways (it was kind of dead weight on our budget), but it was a good first home, and it definitely served us well. After moving in and decorating and improving this new home, Joshua and I agree that we really, really don’t want to move. Ever. 🙂

P.S. – a big shoutout to my sister Morgan, who is still pregnant, almost 42 weeks now. I’ve never seen a woman that pregnant look that good or do so much. #inspired

P.P.S. – on a related note, check out the latest podcast on patience. 😉


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