This post feels long overdue, when, in fact, it’s only been a few days.

But for those of you who may not have heard, my sister Morgan finally gave birth to her second baby, a mere 19 days after her due date (yeah, she was getting antsy).

I was privileged to be there for the entire birth – from sporadic contractions at 10:30am to the part where the baby emerged amid a lot of noise and a lot of pain. It’s amazing to me how silent the baby is during the actual birth; the mother, obviously, sometimes makes a good deal of noise, and anyone else there is either whispering encouragement or cheering her on. The baby, however, is absolutely silent, because it’s not breathing yet. It’s interesting, isn’t it? After that initial quiet, babies tend to make plenty of noise. The calm before the storm, you might say.

Anyway, Zoe Esther joined us at 11:00pm on Friday evening, making her a Shabbat baby! She’s beautiful and perfect, and her skin is rosy, and her lips are surprisingly red. She’s so tiny, especially compared to her 19-month-old sister, Sophia.

I can tell she’s going to be different from Sophia, probably like Morgan and I are different from each other (although there are three years between us, and only a year and a half between her girls). Somehow, it was hard to imagine this baby looking or being any different from Sophia! I mean, I knew she would be…

This week, I get to help take care of Sophia while Morgan slowly heals and gets back on her feet. For those of you who think she’s spoiled and pampered for getting to spend a week in bed before getting back to real life after giving birth, YES, SHE IS. Isn’t that great!? That’s kind of the point of having family so close, right? Gotta love it.

Morgan had a completely natural birth this time, no drugs, no nothing, and I am so incredibly proud of her. I’ve always known her pain tolerance is rather low, and I think she would admit that’s true, but to her credit, she was an absolute Wonderwoman through the birth. Yes, there were moments when she really wanted that epidural, and there were times she thought she wasn’t going to be able to do it, but she made it. She did it. It was so *powerful*. I was impressed.

It turns out births are emotional times. Maybe not for everyone, although I’d challenge them to watch someone they love be torn apart like that and not feel even a twinge. I didn’t start sobbing or anything, but the experience definitely touched me deeply. I was honored to be there, and I will never forget it.

Yes, I still want children. 🙂 Yes, I still want a natural birth. Hopefully someday soon!

So Gregory and Morgan (and Sophia!) – congratulations on a new and adorable addition to your outstanding family! I cannot wait to see her impact on the world!


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