pass it forward

It’s the first time it’s ever happened to me!

We (Joshua and I) were standing in line at the local coffee shop*, and the man ahead of us turned around and said he was going to pay for our drinks, because the man ahead of him had just paid for his.

I was nonplussed.

Who does that!? I mean, it’s so cool!

So we did the same thing for the young man behind us. And Joshua commented that it is amazing how it all works out when it becomes a chain like that, because we got what we wanted, and we put out about the same amount of money we had planned to spend, but instead of just buying ourselves coffee, we were able to perform a kindness for someone else – a total stranger, in this case.

It was really neat. I encourage you to be the first in the chain. I’m sure it’s an even more rewarding feeling.

*Note: I no longer frequent Starbucks, due to their overpriced, underwhelming drinks AND the fact that they just banned firearms from their shops. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS.


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