where no man has gone before

Who can believe this year is almost over? Who can believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?

You know, I just heard someone talking recently about how people get really nervous and have all sorts of performance anxiety about cooking their Thanksgiving turkeys perfectly for all their guests to enjoy, and then pointing out that we only do this once a year, so it’s not like we have the opportunity to perfect our game.

[Side note / rabbit trail: to see a recording of my magnificent brother overcoming any performance anxiety he may have had and accompanying the debut performance of his first choral composition, click here.]

Interesting, I thought. Why in the world do we only cook a full turkey like that once a year?! That basically ensures that the odds of getting it done perfectly will be very, very low. We should have turkey more often.

Also, Chanukah starts *before* Thanksgiving. I’m trying to put together a fun Chanukah menu for the eight days, trying to think of cool things to bring to all the parties people are having, trying to make sure Joshua and I still get enough sleep to keep us going. It’s going to be a CRAZY holiday. Gotta love it.

I plan to make all kinds of baked doughnuts this year. I know Chanukah is all about frying things (because of the miracle of the oil), and that’s why doughnuts are a traditional fare, but that doesn’t normally work so well for gluten-free people. So I bought myself a doughnut pan and collected all sorts of recipes. We will make this happen. It will be delicious.

By the way, for all of you who so promptly and affirmatively supported the publication of my book, I JUST PLACED THE ORDER. (!) (!) (!) I have so many butterflies winging their way around my stomach right now, you have no idea. I am SO NERVOUS ABOUT THIS. I mean. What is it going to look like? What if the publisher gipped me and it looks stupid and…homemade? That would be so awful. I would feel like I should go into our backyard and bury them six feet under. But I have to sell them, because I have to recoup the cost! Argh. Anyway. Hopefully, it will all work out beautifully, and those of you who want one will get a really cool-looking book. I had the cover art done by a professional, so I at least have that in my favor. 🙂

Have a great weekend, people. I know I will.


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