A few hours ago, Chanukah 5774 came to an end.

It will be 79 degrees tomorrow.

A few hours ago, my newest niece smiled directly at me.

This Shabbat is her dedication service, long awaited.

A few hours ago, my book arrived. The hard copies. The real deal. For the first time in my life, I held in my hand a real, actual book that I had written, that someone else had designed the cover for, that another someone had printed.

I will never forget that moment.

This year is winding down – have you noticed? We have less than a month to go! So much has changed. Take a moment to think back to a year ago today. Chanukah hadn’t even begun, my niece had not even been conceived, and my book was a document on my computer. We’re in a different place, friends. Isn’t it great?

Also, I married a truly wonderful man (not in the last year, but each day, week, and month that passes is better). I’m more and more grateful for him every day. Just thinking that recently.

This year doesn’t need to go out with a bang (although the pop of a champagne cork wouldn’t be amiss), but let’s finish it off well, shall we? Let’s use the remaining 26 days to do some good work. Be good, do good, a friend of mine is always saying.


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