the hot and the cold

Joshua got to take Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off from work. Since we don’t celebrate the holiday, that meant we could do whatever we wanted. No pressure-filled gift-giving or family gatherings (although we did see family both days for different reasons).

Obviously, we chose to sleep in a bit on both days.

However, on the morning of the 25th, at around 5:00am, we woke to the realization that our heating system was blowing cold air, and had been doing so for the past four hours (at least). I think the weather had dropped to the thirties that night, so cooling down our house further was NOT necessary or particularly comfortable. Joshua was perturbed, to say the least. He briefly considered just turning off the system and going back to sleep. He decided against that plan.

I informed him that my father’s first two steps would be 1) pound down the stairs and turn off the cold air immediately and 2) don his winter coat and troubleshoot further suitably attired for the indoor weather. My dad tends to make big deals out of things. 🙂 Joshua did turn off the system, but did not feel the need to put on his coat (probably because he didn’t want to have to put it away after fixing the heat).

After watching a few YouTube videos on what might be the problem, we turned the system back on and it worked. So…maybe it just needed a reminder that it’s COLD OUTSIDE. All that spring weather last week confused it. HVAC systems are easily confused, I think.

Since that time, it has been working perfectly, but I think we might want a checkup, all the same. It might be on its last legs.

That same day, after going back to sleep in warmth and waking up in warmth, we had tamales for lunch. I like Trader Joe’s tamales. I would like to try making my own one day, but they do seem a bit tedious. Trader Joe’s has them pre made, and you can just stick them in a steamer basket and eat in 15-20 minutes. Super easy. Love that for a day off.

Anyway, I didn’t put all that much water in my steaming pot, and then promptly forgot to watch it, as I was busy talking with my husband, who is rarely home on a weekday at lunchtime, and before you know it, I was smelling something like…burning. But that didn’t make any sense, because the tamales were steaming. So they really couldn’t burn.

I finally realized that all the water had been steamed out of my pot and the burner was continuing to heat it, so it was the bottom of the pot that was burning. I took off the steamer basket to check, and the bottom of my adorable little pot was RED HOT. Actually red, and it looked kind of swollen and scary. Joshua bravely poured water in, which bubbled and splattered everywhere (he remained unscathed), and came to an immediate boil. My pot is only slightly the worse for wear, as the bottom has warped a little. It still holds water, though.

Those were our holiday adventures. 🙂

I will be working on a list of goals/resolutions for the coming year, as Mary and I discussed on the latest episode of our podcast. I’ll post those soon enough. Make these last four days count!


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