Two years ago at the turn of the year, my siblings and I made a plan to really maximize our spare time, so we wouldn’t waste it in meaningless ways. You know. YouTube. Facebook. Google. Email. Texts. Black holes of the technological world.

So we made this project, called Leftovers, to record our day through a few simple snapshots, then string them together into a short, 1-minute video detailing the day.

I was the only one who actually did it.

I just found the four videos I made, for January 3, 4, 5, and 6. It’s so amazing to be able to see exactly what I was doing almost precisely two years ago! It’s like reading an old journal. It made me smile. I like nostalgia.

And then that made me think that, as tedious as journaling every day can be, the joy that comes from reading it a few years later can not be supplied by any other thing. And that makes journaling worth it to me. Even alternative journaling through pictures and narration.

As cliched as it is for me to say this in January…let’s journal more. Let’s journal today.


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