a stitch in time

As of this past week, Joshua and I have been in our house for five months. Five whole months! Isn’t time flying?!

For all of those five months, there have been no window treatments of any kind on our dining room windows, which happen to face the street and are almost five feet wide. Five feet of wide open space for strangers to stare into our home. You know how easy it is to see into a house when it’s dark outside and the lights are on? Yeah.

Anyway, yesterday, my mom and my sister and myself started to rectify the problem. I decided to go with sheers and a valance, and my mom came over to help me make the valance.

My mom is a genius. We made this valance completely without a pattern, mostly by eyeballing things, and using tape for pins. Because I don’t own a sewing machine, I don’t feel the need to have any sewing supplies except for my travel button kit. It has three pins.

My mom cut the fabric with her teeth.

You probably think I’m kidding about that.

Ok, I am. But it’s only a small stretch, because she is actually one of those people who can cut thread with their teeth, and she did that while she was here. I have NEVER been able to figure out how to do that. It’s so awesome.

The point is, I am pretty unequipped over here for a sewing project of this caliber, but my mom and Mary totally made it work. Did I mention that the whole valance gets mounted on a 1×4″ board and then screwed into the ceiling? As we were nearing the finish line, my mom asked if we owned a saw.

Um, no.

There has been no need for a saw so far.

So Mary went out to our garage with the board, a hammer, and a steak knife, and came back with it about 7 minutes later, the perfect size.

My hat is off to my mom and my sister for their resourcefulness in these straits. 🙂 You guys are amazing.


One thought on “a stitch in time

  1. Loved this! It was such fun being resourceful and “making it work”. 😉 Thank goodness you had the secondary necessities like sandpaper, hammer, and stapler to make the whole thing come together!

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