winter white

How many different cliched snow blog post names do you think are out there? I just thought of three or four without even thinking about it, so I’m guessing a TON.


Beside the point.

So, guess what? It snowed.

It really did! Of course, it was more like white fluff in the air, smaller than desiccated coconut, if you can believe that. It didn’t stick to much at first, but when we got up this morning, there was a dusting all over everything. I’d say about an inch or two, if that.

While Joshua was piddling around up stairs trying to get his command center setup so he could work from home, I decided I would like to go out and play in the snow like a little girl. It’s been a long time since I was a little girl. (Ok, not that long, but sometimes it feels longer than at others.)

On with the play jeans and warm sweater. Double layers of socks. Fuzzy hat. Handwarmers. One of Joshua’s big coats that keeps me cozy but I don’t have to worry about getting dirty. Ugg-style boots that aren’t Uggs, because who wears $200 boots in real snow?

I tramped out the front door and saw my neighbor brushing the snow off her car in preparation for going to work. I suddenly felt very foolish and childish and lazy and entitled, because I get to stay home all day and play in the snow while the washer does my laundry and my neighbor has to go off to work. I ducked back inside before she saw me and went out to the backyard, instead.

I know it’s silly to think like that. My husband is an excellent provider, and he *likes* that I stay home. But still. It might have had something to do with how childish I also looked at the moment…

Anyway, so the snow was pure powder and you can’t do much with powder-puff snow. I had visions of making a miniature snowman and sending a picture to my sister, who is babysitting in Mooresville, but I couldn’t get anything together. Disappointing. Then I thought about making a snow angel, but I didn’t that would work so well, because I could see the grass through the snow, so it would be less than impressive.

I took pictures of cat footprints that were all over our patio and front stoop – yuck. Thank goodness they were only cat. I gave the bushes a good shake and videoed the snow falling off of them, because it looked pretty. I stamped around on the road and the gutter, breaking ice under my boots and watching the spidery patterns that makes.

I hid behind my chimney as my neighbor drove away.

I drew hearts and wrote my name in the snow collected on top of our recycling can. I was tempted to write all kinds of messages on Joshua’s car, but I thought he might like to see it in its pristine condition, snow and all, instead of totally defaced by finger drawings.

Then, with nothing left to do, I checked the mail and went back inside.

Never too old to be young.

P.S. – it’s more fun to play in the snow when you have a playmate.


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