new times

My husband got a new job! It’s really exciting to us. 🙂 If you listen to our podcast, you already know that…

Last week, he went on a *business trip* down to Atlanta, GA. This may be the first of many, or the only one in several years – we will find that out down the road, I expect. Because of our current phase in life, I was able to accompany him! I can’t imagine spending those three days home alone. Sounds pretty lonely. I was really glad I could go this time around.

Atlanta, as it turns out, is HUGE and BUSY and the TRAFFIC is AWFUL. Six lanes, always full. Congested. They have stoplights to merge onto their highways, it’s so bad. After being there, I can understand why their snow and ice problems were so massive. There are so many cars that would have had nowhere to go! Yikes!

It was a bit of an eye-opening experience for me, being there with, but without, Joshua. Whenever we take a trip, we’re together 100% of the time. That’s kind of the point of the trip, you know? So this was different. He was at work for most of the day, and that left me to sightsee or hang out by myself. Battling Atlanta traffic to see the touristy things in which I’m not even interested, or walk city streets…alone? No, thanks. I did take a walk around the Square in downtown Marietta, and it was quaint and beautiful, and probably would have been a highlight of the trip if a) the stores were open and b) it was more than 28 degrees outside. As it was, I didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time there.

However, I still had a really great time. Here in Charlotte, commuting from Indian Trail to uptown Charlotte takes about an hour, and that has cut into my time with my husband just a bit more than usual. It’s something we’ll need to get used to. In Atlanta, we were in a hotel a mere 2 minutes from his office, AND he got off at 4:30 – quite the treat! So, even with the business aspect, it still felt a little like a holiday.

Also, I was able to cross off a bucket item list because of my amazing husband’s diligent research – he found us a rotating restaurant to go to! I’ve always wanted to see one, to see what it’s like. We went to the Sundial, which is on the 72nd floor of the Westin in downtown Atlanta. Beautiful restaurant, beautiful views – I recommend the experience!


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