like mother like daughter

Yesterday, my sister, Morgan, put out a post about how she’s turning into our mom. This inspired me to do my own on how *I* am doing exactly the same thing! Of course, my ways are different from Morgan’s, because she is a mom (and that certainly changes you). So here is my list of ten ways I’m turning into my mom. 🙂

  1. I’m putting in a garden bed next month – and growing my own vegetables.
  2. My refrigerator is organized like my mom’s, with very few changes. In fact, we own the same refrigerator. I also have a pretty strict three-days-and-then-we-throw-it-away rule for leftovers, same as she does.
  3. Mums-isms have become a part of my everyday lingo, like, “You have to make your own fun,” “Roll with the punch(es),” “You make your bed and you lie on it,” “Never start doing a household task (like taking out the trash) unless you’re ok doing it for the rest of your life,” and “And we will call it fun.”*
  4. My entire house is painted taupe (not actually my choice, but I didn’t rush in wanting to change it – a huge step for Young Julianna).*
  5. I have developed a palate for green tea.
  6. There are pillows on my couch to make it look nice, but I never use them as back support. I hold them in front of me, or to the side, like my mom.
  7. I tend toward organic produce and meat, and ONLY purchase fresh fish at Earth Fare. The SouthPark location.*
  8. I have set days throughout the week to do my household chores: Nothing random or helter-skelter.
  9. Unless death or infection is imminent, aches and pains or wounds and surface cuts are met with, “Is it bleeding? No? You’ll be fine.”*
  10. I am finding that flats are actually really comfortable and stylish.

*Note: the ones with stars are similar to or exactly copied from Morgan’s list, because, after all, we’re sisters.

Happy birthday, Mums – I love you, and you are a great role model!!


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