We just finished celebrating the Festival of Unleavened Bread! It all starts with the big meal the first night – the “seder” meal. This year, for the very first time, we hosted our own in our own home with our own seder plate. It went so well. I was so happy with it.

Our guests were six people with, shall we say, a little more life experience than Joshua and I have. I do love spending time with people older than myself.

I was a little nervous about hosting our own seder. I was so focused on trying to put together a yummy dinner menu that I almost forgot to get the elements of the actual seder (horseradish, apples, parsley, a lamb shank bone, etc.)! Yikes! Then I ended up making WAY too much food. <sigh> Oh well.

We got rave reviews!!! Joshua did such a fantastic job leading our seder. All the men in our lives make it look so easy, sailing through the haggadah (the Pesach seder order of service book) like it’s nothing, but you know what? It’s not nothing. It is actually really hard to be prepared with all the different elements and read all the paragraphs you need to read without skipping anything WHILE explaining what’s going on to people who are new to this. <whew> I’m just glad I married someone so brilliant.

After our rather intimate, 8-person seder, we attended the massive 19-person seder at my in-laws house the following evening, and that was a blast.

It’s been a great week! We’ve had the pizza, the lasagna, and even burgers on matzah (unleavened bread), and I’ve loved it. I neglected to get my Costco-sized bag of prunes to keep up with the matzah, though, so…I’m happy we’re back to not having to have “white bread” every day!

Now we’re counting to the Omer (check out Leviticus 23), to get to Shavuot! Today is the eighth day!


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