pouring heart

I have a new project. A new thing that takes time in my life.

It’s a garden.

If you don’t know me well, you may not be as shocked as my mom and some of the rest of my family and friends, who can’t believe we’ve put in a garden, which I will need to weed, water, and generally upkeep.

You know how I hate to sweat, hate bugs, hate dirt, and am not an outdoor kind of person.

Well, somehow, the allure of fresh vegetables trumped all that, and we put in a 12×4′ raised bed and planted all kinds of stuff in it.

Namely, tomatoes, eggplant, a pepper plant, various herbs, beans, cucumbers, and zucchini.

After planting all the little plants and seeds, I realized throughout the course of this past week (while watering faithfully every morning – rain, where ARE you?!) that it’s actually more about watching all of this life grow. I cannot believe how fast my seeds sprouted. It is Day 6 of gardening, and I have tiny little plants where I planted seeds. It’s truly a miracle, as everything in nature is, and it happens almost literally in front of my eyes. Yesterday morning, I went out and watered and checked things out, and that night, there were new plants where there had only been dirt – it’s that fast.

And so, while I can’t wait to finally eat the fruits of our labor (may G-d grant the rain in its proper season), I am so enjoying taking ownership of all the green, healthy life growing in our backyard, and tending and watching and loving it all. It’s so rewarding. It makes me so happy to see my plants doing well. Each day brings something new, and I get excited about just walking out to the garden in the morning to see what’s there today.

You should try it.

P.S. – start small.

P.P.S. – many, many thanks to my stupendous mother, who has taught me everything I know about gardening (which isn’t much), and has helped me get it all setup correctly. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!


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