Well, I think it’s high time SOMEONE did a post about it.

I mean, what is it, some kind of *Internet secret*??!

Ha! Not anymore! <maniacal laugh>

A few weeks ago (I actually don’t remember the exact date), my brother officially got himself a girl.

I would say, “Her name is Laura,” but that reminds me of that opening line from Barry Manilow’s Copacabana, which begins with, “Her name is Lola.” And since Peter’s Laura is not a showgirl like Lola, we don’t want to draw any comparison there.


Back to what I was saying.

Laura is absolutely fabulous. I like her so much, and I liked her from the moment I first heard about her, let alone met her. She’s so sweet, and genuine, and easygoing, and regardful (yes, that is actually a word). To top it all off, she is quite lovely!  And, unlike some of us former-Squicciarini girls (me), she is exceptionally photogenic.

Peter can be very headstrong and very stubborn, so I don’t think it would matter to him at all if we (his sisters, his mom, etc.) really didn’t care for his girl. But, as we like to say (often), “We love Laura!” In fact, one of my sisters even went so far as to say that she likes Peter, but she loves Laura. 🙂

Laura fits right in with us (probably because she’s so laid-back, easy to please, and unruffled – we can be a little intense), so I think I can speak for all of us current- and former-Squicciarinis alike when I say that we really, really hope Peter marries this young woman.*

If I were Southern, I would probably say something like, “Pete, ya dun good.” I can’t say I saw you with someone this tall, but it’s obvious that it was always meant to be this way. 🙂


*Although, if he doesn’t, I guess I’ll have to do something radical and dramatic like DELETE THIS POST IMMEDIATELY. Peter! Please don’t do it! She’s a gem!


4 thoughts on “connection

  1. It was about time someone mentioned the Laura in the room! ;-)) I suppose we, on the outside, cannot say with true certainty that two people are “meant to be”… but I find myself waiting, almost holding my breath, to see this relationship move to the next level. I love Laura – how could anyone not?! – and it will be another great blessing to our family if she becomes one of Us.


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