the post about my birthday

It has officially come and gone – I am now one-quarter of a century old. (!!) Hurray!

Isn’t it kind of odd to get to an age you thought about as a child? I don’t think many young girls think about turning 50 or 70 or anything venerable like that, but I think a lot of us thought about being 20 and 25, and probably hoping we’d be married by then and maybe have a baby (or two, or four, depending on the expediency of said marriage). Myself, I think 25 is the oldest age I ever thought about. Now, of course, I’m thinking about 30, and 50, and 75, but that’s because important people I know are turning these ages.

So here I am, married, in a beautiful house that is bigger than I thought I would have in my second year of marriage. I don’t have any kids, which I’m sure would surprise my child self. I have traveled more than I thought I would. I am way more into food than I used to be, and I don’t see that passion going anywhere, so I hope to be an amazing chef with an adventurous palate by the time I’m a foxy 75 (was that inappropriate?).

Because this was a big birthday, I had a big birthday party. My parents hosted 20 people celebrating my birthday at their home for a one-long-table, sit-down, totally-vegetarian dinner out on their screened-in porch. My mom and I cooked everything, and my sister Mary made the place look like we were stepping into Anthropologie. It was beautiful, with twinkle lights and paper lanterns and spring cotton tablecloths and white candles. The food was delicious and fresh, with a farm-to-table style.

The previous night, my husband took me to Carpe Diem for drinks, as is our tradition. In 2012, while we were only engaged, he took me there as a special treat on my birthday. He actually had a different place in mind, in the same strip, but it was closed. In fact, it is still closed. So Carpe Diem has gotten our business three years in a row now, and I hardly think we would switch. Tradition, TRADITION!

It’s still not over! The perquisite dinner out with my in-laws is happening tomorrow, and I hear they have a stack of presents for me. (!!!)


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