deer me

Joshua and I were honored to be invited to dinner at an older couple’s house this past week. I say “older” in the most respectful way possible, basically just to indicate that they are two generations ahead of us.

One of the primary reasons we were there was to enjoy what we might call “hand-shot” venison, like we would reference tomatoes from the backyard garden as being “homegrown” and sweaters as “handmade.” You know – Mike went out to the 54 acres he leases and shot the deer himself. And then lugged it by himself back to his gargantuan pickup truck. While he is completely capable of processing the deer himself, as well, he chooses to outsource that to a mom-and-son (?!) team in the area.

Isn’t that SO cool?

I mean, even if you’re not into the whole hunting scene, the idea of being able to do all of this is mind-blowing.

The venison steaks Mike and Mary Anne prepared for us were also delightful. I could definitely get into venison.

By the way (and this is kind of an aside), but did anyone other than my family grow up reading that children’s book,ย Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel? And isn’t it HILARIOUS that the steam shovel’s name is Mary Anne?! Even more so because this Mike, that we visited, is definitely the same kind of can-do guy that Mike Mulligan is. We toured their adorable home, and much of it was made by Mike, fixed by Mike, and/or improved by Mike. Mike made the deck with his bare hands (and maybe some tools). Mike made the mantel. Mike *moved the door of their laundry closet* without leaving a trace.

I told Mary Anne that she is a blessed woman. ๐Ÿ™‚ The thing I like most about Mary Anne is her ability to keep conversation flowing without a single hiccup. It makes talking to her so easy, and I get easily panicked by trying to make conversation with difficult people.

I think that what made our time with Mike and Mary Anne so special is how easily we are able to connect with them, and they with us, even with the age gap. They are totally wonderful people, and their stories and life experience are unparalleled. The air is always filled with a lot of laughter when we visit.

Now we’re talking about a nature walk in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚


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