If you listen to our podcast, you know that Joshua & I hosted a Sukkot party this year themed around Oktoberfest. It was my mom’s idea, but she couldn’t do it at her own home, so we did it. It was a smashing success, if I do say so myself. 🙂

There was plentiful beer (we even got a keg!), kosher beef bratwurst, pretzel bites, and potato pancakes (or waffles, as the case may be). I asked my grandfather about the menu, because he is the Oktoberfest King. He knows what should be done, and what’s traditional, and what should be eaten.

In fact, because of him, we danced the Chicken Dance. Would you believe that the Chicken Dance is traditional for Oktoberfest!? I had no idea! Next time, we’re putting it on repeat and doing it for 10 minutes straight.

Ours was not the only Sukkot party, although it was the only Oktoberfest (good thing, too – can you imagine if every Sukkot party was Oktoberfest?!). We had a Sunday brunch (“Brews in Booths”), a “Pizza in the Hut” birthday bash (happy birthday to my niece, Zoe!!), a Mediterranean organic garlic tasting, and a sukkah party themed entirely around all that is “mini.” I was so excited to see people really run with their themes and idea. It’s so much more fun this way!

I would encourage you to listen to Upsides episode 64, which includes many more details about these Sukkot parties. You could plan your own for next year!


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