About Joshua

My husband, Joshua, is 5’10 3/4″. Yes, that’s right. If you were to ask him how tall he is, that would be his answer. That should tell you what kind of person he is. Detail-oriented, analytical, highly concerned with accuracy. He studied to be a journalist, worked hard at it for a few years (including some time overseas), and then found that journalism is a dying career with a dead-end salary ceiling. He still keeps up a news website covering and explaining current events in the Middle East in his “spare” time (www.themideastupdate.com).

He currently works as a compliance officer at Wells Fargo, and I think he really likes it. He has found a whole sector of people who are JUST LIKE HIM. It was like a gold mine.

Joshua is a super-deep thinker. He’s not a morning person, so when he gets up at 5:00am, he’s not functioning at peak. Groggy and moving slowly, he gets through his shower, his shave, his prayers. But once we’ve sat down to breakfast, he’s spouting Biblical treasures my mind can’t even grasp, let alone come up with. I don’t know how he does it. At 7:00am?! He’s totally superhuman.

Like me, Joshua likes to travel. Like me, he lived in Israel for an extended period of time (2.5 years, as opposed to my 4.5 months). He loves sports (especially football, I think), which I don’t so much care for. I’ve found it doesn’t matter in the least. In fact, my interest in sports has grown mildly since we’ve been married, because I want to share in that excitement in his life. His appreciation of and excitement for food have also expanded, being married to me.

He used to be a real worrier and over-cautious (you wouldn’t believe how long it took him to decide he wanted to pursue a relationship with me), but as he’s stepped into a leadership role in our family, that has faded, to his benefit. Living with his parents until he got married, at the age of 28, you can imagine how hard it was for him to transition into being #1, instead of the exemplary, obedient, and honoring son he’d been accustomed to being. Every day is one step further on that upward slope, and I’m so proud of him.

And here are a few things just about him:

He has a mind that connects information like a gigantic web and spits it all out in a cohesive and unbelievably smooth and persuasive point, theory, or argument.

He looks good in purple, and has actually consented to wear it.

He wears Hugo Boss Sport, a scent which we found in a magazine ad, of all places.

He watches chick-flicks without flinching.

He has one of the most incredible palates. He can taste every little flavor in a dish, and identify which taste he thinks really added to something, or which took away from it. It always surprises me when he can nail an elusive spice note on the first bite.

When I tell him I really like something or I really want something, he’s able to file it away and remember it for the right occasion.

“O love the L-rd, all you His godly ones! The L-rd preserves the faithful and fully recompenses the proud doer. Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the L-rd.” – Psalm 31:23-24


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