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So excited to be leaving town this afternoon for a trip up to Bristol to visit my grandparents (with Joshua, of course)!! Joshua is actually getting off *early* today to go, which is such happiness. That man works long hours.

Here are a few cool things I found this week – hope you enjoy!

  • Remember how we made bagels for Independence Day? This is kind of what our process looked like, too.
  • I liked Seth Godin‘s post on positive forethought.
  • How about Drinkify, a website that pairs drinks to whatever music you’re listening to? Joshua says whoever created this site must listen to some pretty colorful stuff, because almost everything we were playing and looked up turned into a bottle of red wine. Go figure.
  • Can this be real?!?!? (Thinking my dad and brother-in-law, Isaac, need to buy stock in this company…)
  • If you’re traveling anytime soon, these travel tips and tricks might help you out – Joshua wishes he had known some of them for his many previous trips! Ever wondered how to keep your necklaces tangle-free?
  • Have you ever wanted to visit the Sistine Chapel? Have you ever wanted to go to the Vatican, and just SEE what Michelangelo was all about? Yeah.
  • FUNNY.

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