to travel

Joshua and I enjoyed a lovely weekend with my grandparents in Bristol, VA. If you listened to the first episode of our new podcast, you would know that already. 😉

There’s something wonderful about the mountains, isn’t there? And this past weekend was particularly mild, weather-wise, which made it that much more pleasant. We were able to go boating on the pontoon boat, and Joshua took a jump off a cliff (which was probably about 12 feet high – not the biggest leap, but more than the normal six inches into a pool).

My grandparents always go all out when they have company, and this was no exception. We dined on the finest of salmon and steak, excellent cheeses, and great wine. They tend to serve dessert after every dinner, which is something our bodies are certainly unaccustomed to. It’s a real treat.

We talked about marriage, budgeting, death & remarriage, and moving. I love hearing the little tidbits of life I didn’t know about my grandparents. They have led such full and rich lives.

And I found out my husband knows how to waterski. (!?) <blown away>


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